The Glass Menagerie: Collecting Spun Glass Figurines

Collecting spun glass figurines is a fun and interesting hobby. A spun glass figurine is a beautiful decorative item. Spun glass is ornately designed crystal that can be formed into almost any shape imaginable. You will find spun glass figurines made into ships, angels, fairies, dragons and almost any type of animal you can imagine. Collecting spun glass figurines is a great hobby that is interesting to both young and old alike.

You've probably seen them before at various shops as well as online. Spun glass figurines usually range in size from 3 inches to about 8 inches. Glass spinning is a special art glass technique similar to glass blowing. The glass is melted at high temperatures and then as it starts to cool slightly the artist forms the figurines by spinning the glass in various directions to make the piece.

Spun glass figurines are one of a kind. Each one has its own unique appearance and slight differences because they are each made separately. You can find inexpensive spun glass figurines as well as very expensive ones. There are many decorative uses for them. They make nice display pieces and look good in almost any type of décor. They make a perfect gift item for those who collect them. Another use for spun glass figurines is as a wedding cake topper.

Some of the most common types of spun glass figurines you'll find are animals. They come in all shapes and sizes. This is the most popular type of spun glass figurine to start your collection with. You will find all kinds of animals to choose from such as domestic animals like cats and dogs to animals you'd find at the zoo such as elephants, bears and lions.

Spun glass figurines look wonderful when displayed on mirrors. The mirrors catch the light in the room and reflect it up into the object making it come alive. Then you can see all the beautiful detail work. The light catches on the twists and turns of the glass to make the piece sparkle. Many spun glass figurines are made from clear glass however some pieces use some color as accents. You may find colored eyes, wings, beaks or other features to make the piece more identifiable.

Spun glass figurines are very delicate and need to be handled with care. Small children should not handle them. They are beautiful when kept together in displays. It is a fun item to collect because you can find them rather easily so you can quickly grow your collection. Since they can be rather inexpensive they are the perfect item to get for a gift such as for graduation, anniversary or birthday. Since there are so many types of spun glass figurines some people like to limit their collection to certain types – for instance animals.

Spun glass figurines can be purchased as new but can also be found in antique sales, flea markets and garage sales as well as online. With so many ways to find them it makes collecting them an interesting ongoing hobby.